Surface: Reel Life HD - A Supernatural Hidden Object Mystery App Reviews

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Got to the first hos and just crashed.. crashed . Crashed! Nwill not purchase even at discount price!!!!

Seems promising, but CRASH

I played this game when it first came out. It crashed, but kept my place. Now, I crashed twice when doing the HO scene in the room with the popcorn maker. Open the cabinet, find all the objects and CRASH, so I needed to start over. The hint button tells you if you need to go to a new location and it allows you to teleport there. There's a lot of unnecessary back and forth, like most of these games. Most moves are pretty logical, but not all. You'll need the hint button. The games are different, at least the pinball game was. I'll keep this on my watch list for a sale price and to see if they fixed the crash problem. I don't consider the intro price reasonable. And I certainly won't buy a game that crashes

Reel stinks

This game has crash issues AND story issues. It probably is the silliest story I have tried and definitely not worth $6.99

Game resets progress every Time!!

I love these games, but I am getting a little tired of wasting my money. I have 2 big fish games that I paid for and no longer work on ios8, no updates! Now this new game...every time I go back to play more, the game has reset and starts from scratch! Very frustrating! Please UPDATE YOUR GAMES SO THAT THEY WILL WORK!!!!


Seems like another great "Surface" game. Fix the bugs and get star #5


I want my money back. Game glitch won't let me play to completion. It resets itself. Let me know if you fix it as I'd like to actually play.

I agree with LynxMinx! Resets my progress every time!

Do NOT buy this game until they have an updated version. I have tried playing this game 3 different times, because every time I came back to it, it had reset my progress. Ugh! I do a lot with my iPad, so I can't sit for hours playing one single game without getting out of the game to do some serious tasks occasionally. I mean, come on, these are called "casual games" for a reason; so you can play them casually, whenever you find time, and come back later to play more! I just spent a buttload on BF games with the Memorial Day sale; and now I regret doing so. I hate when Big fish does this, rushes a game to iOS but doesn't thoroughly test it (and it happens far too often so they can have their "new game every day" slogan).

Crashes caused a couple of automatic resets

This last crash was like a Déjà vu because the game reset itself towards the end and I could not access the bonus chapter. The same reset happened towards the beginning of the game and I replayed it through again. Too bad, the game was really good. I never found out the end of the story. Really disappointed that I have to give a good otherwise well done game such a low score.

Spend your money elsewhere

Poor hints...and if you hit the hint button too many times, it slams you....poorly written and hard to sense to the script and it is hit or miss...wish I had not wasted my it crashes and loses your of the worse games I have ever played...who thought this was a good game needs to have their reality check light turned back on...or were they paid to get something gout the door and Forget about quality and customer satisfaction?


This game worked well for the first few sessions. Then it started to crash. When it does crash it starts over at the beginning. Deleting and reloading doesn't help. It ran for less than 10 minutes before crashing after a reload.


Fun game, wish it were longer.

Surface: Reel Life

I don't know how these people get by with taking our money and getting away with games that freeze up over and over. Don't waste your $ on this one, what a rip off!!

Reel life

Something beautiful, something new one thing. It's fantastic to review. Loved this game. Can't wait for another great game. Always a Lady.

Crash happy!

This game - the paid version of course - has now crashed and restarted 3 times!!!

Exited via menu, came back all progress lost

I am on Ipad2 that I have not moved forward to latest IOS. Will try one more time to see if progress saves then if not, ask for refund. All other games from Big Fish have saved fine.

Started over 3 times. This game doesn't save

If it gets fixed, then I will come back and rate it. Would have loved it, but not playing the same thing 3 times😡.

Reel Life HD

What a disappointment! I've had to restart three times. Should I be surprised? Seems recently the games from Big Fish are poorly made and monitored by the support team. I'd ask for a refund, but I know it would be ignored. I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years. Both on PC and iPad. Shame on you BF.

Surface: Reel Life

High quality game from Elephant. Good story, a nice mix of puzzles and HOPs, and some bonus things to search. Had no crashes. Bonus game a good length, puzzles easy to medium, interactive map and journal.

Reel life = Real fun!

I enjoyed this game, and it had no bugs or crashes. The puzzles, while not too difficult, were fun. The hint button was more helpful then the map. Glad it was on sale.

Keeps starting over

The game won't save and I have to keep starting over. This is really annoying. I think I'm just going to forget this game. This is the third Big Fish game I've had issues with. Isn't anyone doing bug checks??

The reel


Absolutely amazing game, which DOESN'T CRASH :))

Graphics are so beautiful and of a very high quality and an intriguing story line, which is usual for the Surface series. Mini games are great and new. There are lots of beautiful animations... As always in these series you collect the flowers and get a great bonus...the game has a very helpful transporting map and Help you don't need a Strategy guide...thank you Elephant games, it was a pleasure to play it ! It is another "Wow" Game !


So far, seems like a good game, no crashes, or freeze ups.

Surface: Reel life

I always enjoy Surface games and this one too has great graphics and story but it seemed like it went by too fast

Surface: Reel Life by LynxMinx

I can't review this game thoroughly because it kept restarting from the beginning even though I saved it. After the 3rd time, I had had enough. It had decent graphics and a good story. There was a diary, non-spoiler hint system and strategy guide. Inventory was labeled and there was a teleport map, which was pretty useless because every location was labeled because it had an objective. I am lazy! Tell me where there's an actual task! The HO scenes were pretty standard, and the mini-games were not that great. Elephant Games, the last few have had their problems! Fix them! Hi Dream Team! Your fearless leader has returned from Houston! ❤️💋❤️💋 from Lynxie


So far so good. I think it will keep your interest. Graphics are pretty good. Will continue to see if it gets a 4 or 5 rating. A little early to say.


This is only the second of many times I have nada Big Fish game go bad on me. I made it through various glitches by backing a out of the game and then continuing, but no luck here. I am stuck trying to pick up a saw handle.

Reely great game

Excellent graphics and interactive characters. Also, great storyline. Only endured one crash in the beginning but did not lose my place in the game when I reloaded it, although I did have to repeat what I had previously accomplished before the crash. Nevertheless, I reely😃 loved this game.

Good game, nice story

I give it 5 stars because of the bonus play, it made up for sudden crashes and a quite short main game. The quality with Elephant is always high, could have been better though. I still prefer the Xmas, grim tales and mistery trackers series.


Liked this game and the graphics.


My game reset too and I was almost done!!! For the game artists: Andrew Light just looked too fake compared to how realistic the other characters looked. Maybe because you were too heavy handed with the shading on his face and the lined eyes ( to make him look evil?) or maybe you didn't base him on a real person like the others or both.

Good Game

Enjoyed the game. Has all the features I look for in a game. Thanks BF.

Nice Game

I was a bit disappointed with this Elephant Game, they are usually much better. Of course the graphics were good in the HOS but not so much in the actual game. The storyline was pretty dumb too. I expected more out of an Elephant Game but playing it was still enjoyable.

Crash, crash, crash

After getting halfway through the game and suddenly having it reset (did not push the horribly placed "Reset" under the "Play" button), restarted only to have the game crash multiple times during an HO scene. A good game but with multiple bugs. Will update review when game is fixed.


Mid-way through, the game reset to the beginning of the game. Very frustrating! Please update and repair this problem. I do not want to keep replaying this game!

Absolute waste of time

I played for about an hour. When I came back it reset itself to the beginning, wiping out my play. Since I hadn't gone that far I played it again, now I'd invested major time and got about 2/3-3/4 finished. I came back to play and it has restarted itself. I'm never going to finish as I'm going to delete this complete waste of my time! I'm using the iPad air 2! This is a terrible thing to do. I'd rather it crash than completely waste my time! Test your games before you screw people over! You owe me $5.00!!!!!

Another bug!

Got way into the game.Quit, came back and had to start from the beginning of the game.Twice now with BF games.Junk!

Reel fun

Good story line, great graphics, casual play has rapid hint recharge button, and going to inventory to finish HOS is unique!


After my last review praising Elephant Games, I was not that impressed with this one. True, great graphics, hint button and transporting that are a must in my book. However, the storyline was a little wacko..even the character names were ridiculous. But I guess one can come up with just so many fairy princess vs. Evil witch/ghost/Hexon beast etc. However, I did love the varied games within the game...they were interesting and challenging and entertaining and not just the samo HOP. Hello to the great reviewers ...hope you all are well and surviving the Spring to load my horses onto the Ark... Hossy

Crashes and a game reset?

Was enjoying the game but had three crashes already and now progress of the game has been erased and I am back to the beginning. If I had knew there was so many glitches, I would not have purchased item. Plot and puzzles are intriguing which is what prompted me to purchase. Hopefully crashes are fixed!

Really Different!

Pretty bizarre storyline, a little difficult to follow. However, good graphics, and nice hidden object scenes. Thank goodness there was a map, which was much needed. Suggestion: These trials are getting shorter each time. We need to have longer ones in order to evaluate the game better! Liked the fact, that it was a decent size game. The shorter ones are too expensive for what we get for our $. Thank You, KdBoots

Reel life

No crashes and fun...


Crashes every time I put blow torch together. When go back to game it goes in unlock game mode. I think this would be a great game if I could play without the crashes.


Dark graphics, kicked out of game when playing the HOGs. I loved this series, but I won't purchase this game.

Fun game BUT

Fun game. Would have given 5 stars but was way to short.

Crash work around?

Crashes multiple times during the HOGs. But found if I went slow in hog by tapping each hidden object separately... and waited for the item to cross out before selecting next hidden object...I was able to avoid crashes and could finish game. Besides the is a lot of fun! Better than the last surface game.


Really like what I have been able to play of the game. Twice I have been kicked out during different Hidden Object Scenes. Hope it gets fixed so I can decide whether or not to purchase.


I downloaded this first thing this morning. Finished it in about 90 minutes. Didn't feel like I got my money's worth!


This is a great game! Don't want to stop playing 😉. Love it so far!

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